Thursday, January 27, 2011

Little Mary Poppins

We took Alice to a pediatric surgeon this morning.  I had Erin come along because it is better for me to have a second set of ears when talking to doctors about my children.  The office wanted a copy of our court decree and her birth certificate.  Ok, I said, but they're not in English.  So, they made a copy of them.  Whatever.

The doctor was quite impressed with our little one.  He said she doesn't have a hernia, just a weak spot that will heal on it's own!  And that whatever we've been doing since we got her has cleared up some bowel issues and to keep it up. (insert happy dance and a bit of pride)  He just delighted in her and told us how glad he was that we have her.

He said she was like Mary Poppins...practically perfect in every way.  I couldn't agree more.


  1. What good news about the hernia! Praise the LORD! -- Christina

  2. Joyful tears! How wonderful to meet a doctor who is so loving and caring to your precious one! I am so happy that she is healing and doing well. Thank you for taking a minute to update all of us. I know your days are happily full as it is! ((HUGS))

  3. Hurrah for Alice! I'm so glad everything went well (and that she has the weak spot instead of a hernia!); the Dr. was right, she is like Mary Poppins :)

  4. I know exactly how the dr felt...I delighted in her too! I agree, she is perfect and I was overcome with emotion when I met her. Everything about her was sweet. I can't wait to see you guys again. My girls really wanted to hold her but didn't get a chance to. I know you are all still bonding as a family but I hope we can get together sometime in the future. Thanks for allowing us to follow your journey : ) We love you guys! -Sandi

  5. Great news!!! Glad you all made it home safely and are doing so well!! Love, The Horners


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