Adoption Timeline

2.6.10-first home visit for the homestudy

4.10- completed homestudy

7.29.10-found Reece's Rainbow for the first time

8.1.10-decided to move forward and get more information

8.2.10-spoke with case worker about updating home study

8.6.10-agreed we wanted "Valerie" on RR

8.7.10-officially committed to "Valerie"

8.14.10-mailed Promise Trust Fund

8.17.10-applied for Emily's passport

8.19.10-day 1 of 1st garage sale

8.21.10-day 3 of garage sale...raised over $4000 for Alice!!

8.23.10-received home study in the mail

8.27.10-received Emily's passport in the mail

8.30.10-mailed first set of docs to Eastern Europe

9.1.10-mailed USCIC app

9.3.10-final blood work for dossier

9.6.10-praying for Alice for 1 month

9.23.10-received appointments for fingerprinting

9.28.10-final notaries done

10.1.10-Alice Faith's 1st birthday

10.2.10-2nd garage sale-raised $2400 for Alice!

10.4.10-received pink slip from immigration

10.6.10-praying for Alice for 2 months

10.12.10-fingerprints for immigration permission done!
-home study addendum mailed to USCIS
-faxed congressman asking for help with USCIS

10.19.10-faxed copy of dossier to be fact checked

10.25.10-learned dossier must be complete, apostilled and mailed by Nov 1.

10.29.10-we've been approved by immigration! Now just waiting for the official form to be mailed to us.

11.1.10-official immigration form faxed and in the dossier
-dossier needs a few things tweaked

11.2.10-translation of dossier has begun
-heading to Austin for last form

11.3.10-received I 171-H (immigration form) hard copy in mail

11.4.10-dossier shipped to Eastern Europe

11.6.10-we've been praying and waiting for Alice for 3 months

11.10.10-translation finished

11.11.10-dossier submitted to SDA!

11.24.10-received notice of SDA appointment

12.1.10-booked flight to Eastern Europe! (breathing through a paper bag)

12.6.10-we've been praying for Alice for 4 months

12.13.10-landed in the country where Alice is

12.16.10-officially accepted Alice referral

12.17.10-got to hold my girl!

12.23.10-court scheduled for 2 pm local time

12.23.10-it's official--she's ours!

12.24.10-flew home for the wait period
12.29.10-scheduled to be back where Alice is Jan 10th

1.6.11-we've been praying for Alice for 5 months

1.9.11-flying out for our 2nd trip

1.11.11-Gotcha Day!

1.15.11-picked up Alice's passport

1.17.11-medical exam

1.18.11-received Alice's visa...all done!