Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Waiting to Exhale

I haven't seen that movie, so if it's bad and should never be the title of a Christian mama's blog post, I apologize.

But, that's how I feel.  Like I'm holding my breath, just waiting to exhale.

We leave Sunday morning, again.  Our flight leaves at the same time as it did last time.  The 11th is full of appointments (I have no idea of what nature the appointments are...I just stand where they tell me to stand). 

Then there's 2 days of...nothing.  We have to continue with the orphanage routine.  I have to visit my daughter in that boring little room.  I am going to ask if I can feed her and change her diaper, however.  But, I'm struggling with the fact, that now not just in our hearts, but on paper too...she's our daughter.  We still can't take her out of the orphanage until the 14th.  In the adoption world, that is known as "Gotcha Day."  Bet you didn't know that this was also an educational website. 

We will fly home on the 19th. We will arrive at the same time as on December 24th.  Seems a bit surreal.  This time, however, we know more what to expect and how to plan accordingly.  That's nice.

The absolute neatest thing about this entire adoption process has been the ability to see in 3D what the Lord did for us when he adopted us into the family of Christ.  He plucked me out of the worst place.  He loved me when I didn't smell good and I begged to return to that place.  It was all I had ever known.  He showed me clean.  He showed me the sun.  He showed me brothers and sisters that have loved me and helped me to grow in him.

Even leaving Alice behind is something the Lord has done for us.  He told his followers he was leaving to go prepare a place for them.  We have been preparing for Alice!  We have the crib up and decorated all in pink.  We have been able to buy clothes for her now that we know her size.  We have a better understanding of what she will need once we get her home.  We are preparing for her to come home.

5 more days until we leave...

10 more days until we...get...ALICE!


  1. We often felt that same way....especially with our son who was much more disabled then we'd been told but we believed God had led us to bring him into our family. He is a constant reminder to us of how we are before the Lord...completely helpless and in need of His grace. So glad that you are going soon to get Alice...that final stretch is difficult as you will want so much to get her out and home but the waiting and dealing with the system will be worth it in the end when you are home and she is yours forever. We'll be praying for you!
    love, the Adamsons

  2. Your posts always make me cry Emily :' ) Happy tears....it's beautiful the way you're allowing your adoption to be a testimony of Christ's redeeming work!
    I want more details about your return...I really want to be there!
    When you get to take Alice out of the orphanage, it is such a wonderful/surreal experience. You'll never forget it...I'm so excited for you to get to experience it. It's just the beginning of a wonderful life together : ) I loved that I could finally feed Christopher, change his diaper, give him a bath, etc. Then you just keep building and building your bond (even when you think you couldn't love them any more, you do and you will!).

  3. Anticipation; both exciting and crippling. Press on!

  4. Thank you for sharing how God is sanctifying you throughout this journey. We rejoice with you the upcoming homecoming of your sweet Alice.


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