Saturday, January 15, 2011

4 more wake-ups until we're home...

We got Alice's local passport today and headed out.  If I haven't made it clear enough...I dislike the drive!  I have been dreading it ever since the first one...the day we met Alice for the first time.  I usually sleep the whole way, but how was I going to do that with a baby?  Well, today we found out.  Alice and I slept for about an hour and a half of it.  Then, I made her a little nook on the seat next to me.  I laid her down and gave her a toy.  She played for about 45 minutes or so.  Then I held her and we did that for about 45 minutes.  Then bottle, then sleep, the get the idea.  Other than being what seemed like forever long, we did just great!

Our apartment here in the capital is a bit on the scary side.  The outside of the building and the  The inside, not so bad.  It's super tiny.  An entry way, tiny bathroom, little bedroom, small kitchen.  That's it.  Our last place had 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  Yep, we were spoiled and now we're paying for it.

BUT, we are in the middle of downtown.  Tonight we loaded up and walked to TGIFridays.  I put Alice in the Ergo and zipped my coat up around her.  I looked like a strange pregnant woman (my baby bump was WAY high.)  She fell asleep.  When we got to the restaurant, I unzipped and there was a baby in there!  The looks on the customers faces was priceless!  We ate an American-ish dinner.  We ordered chips and salsa as an appetizer.  No joke, they brought out the smallest bowl of salsa I've ever seen.  We're from Texas ya'll.  We give the baby that size of bowl of salsa...for himself.  But, it was good.  We miss spice.

We are tucking little one into bed now.  We bought her a pacifier thinking she would like it...and she a chew toy and let's see how far I can spit toy.  We may not bring it out to play on the airplane.


  1. I smiled all through your post! I hope you found your battery charger for your camera! 4 more sleeps and you are coming H-O-M-E!! We are praising God for such a beautiful family portrait we will get to see so very soon once you are home.

  2. So happy to hear your through the first hurdle and received Alice's passport!! Hoping you find that battery and get to keep clicking pictures.
    We look forward to meeting Alice. Andrew loves looking through all the pictures from your posts. I have played the giggle video for him more times than I can count. Thank you for sharing this journey with us. It is so very special to Andrew to hear another baby is coming home to be with their family.
    A TGI Fridays--the resemblance of home with a Ukrainian twist ;). It was Starbucks in Moscow for us...sweet memories.

  3. So glad you got the you can move along to get home. Praying for your family!


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