About Us

We are a Christian family of 8 soon to be 9.

Erin and I married in August of 1994.  We were too young to order beer, but old enough to be married.  We made a ton of mistakes, but we loved each other and thought we could do anything.

In May of 1996, our first daughter was born.  We were so excited to be parents.  We were so poor.  So very poor.  But, we survived.  We learned that meat didn't have to be eaten at every meal and we also "accidently" would arrive at my parents house during dinner time.  And we would spend whole weekends with Erin's parents.

March of 1999, our second daughter was born.  Erin was back in school getting his MBA.  We weren't as poor, but just as excited.

January of 2002, our 3rd daughter was born.  We had moved to Houston from our small home town.  We were much less poor and thrilled to have 3 girls!

October of 2004, our first son was born.  We had bought a house and I finally had a "nursery."  I adjusted to life with a boy...that's different.

We waited for another baby.  And waited and waited.  During this 3 year gap we started discussing adoption.

December of 2008, our second son was born.  But, the adoption discussion wouldn't go away.

December of 2009 we started searching for an adoption agency.

December of 2010 we became legal parents of our 4th daughter.  See the adoption timeline for more details.  And the posts from that time to see our hearts and the process.

March of 2011 learned that we would be welcoming our 7th baby in November!  We are so excited to see what the Lord has planned for us!