Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We got Alice!

Today was insane!!  We left the capital city at 4 am and drove 6 hours to the city where Alice is.

We made 2 stops in the city...one to get the court decree that the judge allowed the adoption and one to get her new birth certificate with our names listed as her mother and father.

Then we went to the orphanage.  The smells where the same and it was a bit overwhelming.  We got to her groupa and I saw her and got so excited!  I had brought her a "freedom" outfit.  It had a onesie that said "So Loved".  I know they couldn't read what it said, but I knew.  The nanny wouldn't let me dress her.  I had been waiting for that moment for a long time.  But, I held my tongue.  It was so nice to see her without all those layers!  She had a onesie, pants, jacket, blanket sleeper, hoodie, hat and a blanket wrapped around her and covering her head.  And everyone that saw us leaving told us to cover her more.  It was hard to bite my tongue then.  I mean, I did it, I just didn't want to.

We went from there to 2 different banks.  The orphans here are given money from the government.  I don't know why.  If they are special needs they get more; in a different bank.  We closed out those accounts and gave the money back to the orphanage.  It is expected you will do this.  We didn't ask, we just did.  We also had to go back to the orphanage to sign papers of the transfer of Alice to us.

During all the running around we had Alice.  They don't use car seats here so I was able to hold her and cuddle her.  We actually had a wonderful time, her and I.  Erin was anxious to get everything done and was tired of waiting, waiting, waiting in line.  But, Alice and I tickled and giggled and cuddled and kissed and slept.  I'm pretty sure I was in heaven for a bit.

When we finally made it back to the apartment (around 6 pm) I couldn't wait to give her a bath.  I had been waiting to do that for months!  But, this is where the post gets really hard.  When I say she's tiny, I mean it.  I'm talking thin little legs, hip bones that stick out.  Her backbone is like a razor going down her back it sticks out so much.  Her ribs jut out.  At the orphanage we were given 2 different pieces of paper telling us what she eats and when.  The first one was from the nanny that took care of her.  It had 3 bottles listed.  The second one was from the orphanage lawyer and 6 bottles + meals listed.  The lawyer took the first list and threw it away.  I don't think she was getting the 6 bottles + meals.  I think she was getting the 3 that consisted of milk and wheat cereal mixed in.

I know this is an easy fix.  I know that in God's providence he chose this little girl to be in my family.  A mom that reads books on nutrition like novels and is willing to do what it takes.  I know that this is the first day of the rest of her life.  But right now, sitting next to her as she sleeps and I can see her backbones, it makes me...well, I'm sure I can leave that to the imagination.

I'm so thankful the Lord put us on this path.  Today, the Lord used us to save her life.  Wow.  That he would give us such a privilege.

Sleeping Beauty...orphan no more

She's a doll.  She loves to be held...which is good, because I love to hold.  We are sleeping with her in our bed and she sleeps best when one of us is holding her.  I'm loving every minute of it!  Today was too crazy to take any pictures.  But, we aren't leaving the apartment tomorrow, so more should come.

And just because the name sounds the same and I've had this song stuck in my head all day (and you know how I feel about that...if it's in my head it should be in your head too).  Now, imagine I can sing and dance like the lady in yellow and Erin is the guy with the turban.  Here ya go...


  1. Congratulations Emily!!! Timothy's spine and back were the same... you could see each rib. I just looked at him before I started this post, and we've been home 6.5 weeks, and you can barely see his bones back there now. :) Love and good nutrition is what that baby needs, and now she has it all!! Praying that the rest of your trip goes smoothly!!

  2. I am so very happy for you all. Congratulations again. You are right, you know just what to feed her : ) Praying for you all!

  3. So happy that Alice is finally in your arms. Our LIly and Joshua are tiny too...just like you described...makes you feel sick but thankful that they are out. At first it was a struggle to get them to eat, when we got them out and LIly would hardly drink. But once they got home they started eating much better. I'd encourage you to not change too much right away...even though you desperately want to give them what is best...but try to keep it similar until they get home so their systems dont have problems with too much change. Joshua got those bottles with milk and porridge etc. so we bought formula and pureed baby food and mix it together, using a nipple with an "x" cut into it. Your facilitator/translator could help you figure out what you could give them similar to what they ate too. Soon you can transition them into a well rounded healthy diet. Now LIly loves to eat just about anything! (Joshua still cries when he gets into his feeding chair...but usually eats well especially if its sweet :)
    Enjoy your daughter...so glad she has a mommy and daddy before she had to spend any more time in an oprhanage. Bet your other precios kids are so excited to meet her.
    God bless you,
    the Adamsons

  4. I can so relate my sweet friend. Nothing prepares you to see your child in this condition. David reminded me during those early days of the faithfulness and grace of our God through this scripture; "..but love covers a multitude of sins" 1 Peter 4:8 Trusting Him to redeem the time; to keep our focus on their new life...this has been and still is our prayer for our babies through adoption.
    Words cannot express the joy I have to hear that precious Alice is free from the shackles of orphan and free to now be fully a Frye!
    To God be the Glory for rescuing Alice and placing her in a family who will speak of and live the Gospel of Christ to her everyday.

  5. Rejoicing with you!!!! (Tears of joy)

  6. Rejoicing with you on this wonderful day!!!!!!!!!

  7. Praise God and congratulations on your beautiful new little blessing!

  8. Family of 8!!! Congratulations!!!

  9. Em...although I cannot relate as a mom who has adopted, I can relate from one whom has been adopted. He saved me when I was starving. Praise Him who is faithful. I am so thankful He placed her with such a joyful mom and faithful (earthly) daddy! I love you and am so excited for each of you and cannot wait to see His faithfulness when I meet Alice!!! Love you Mitz

  10. Oh yea by the way I am doing the "Carlson Dance " with you!!!!!


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