Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Grandparent's job

My folks came the past weekend to meet their newest grandchild.  They flew from Amarillo.  My plan was to meet them at the airport and surprise them with all 7 of us waiting.

Except I forgot how long it takes us to get out of the house these days.  We were running late and I got a text from the airport saying the plane was delayed.  Whew! I thought.  I ran around like a crazy woman trying to get everyone going  encourage the troops and get us all in the big new van (more about that later).  As we are heading down the road, my dad calls to tell me they've landed.  I'm still 20 minutes away!  Ok, plan B.  They decide to get lunch while they wait.  I try to drive faster safer to get us there quicker.

When we got there I called my dad and said we're coming in!  (after all, I have a new double stroller I have been DYING to use)  He says, I would hate for you to get everyone out.  Nope, Dad, I've got plan B.  So, I unload all of us and we head in.

Greeting Grandma and Grandpa
We had a wonderful weekend.  It was over too quick.  Although I told my parents it was time for them to go home because every time my sweet son needed a "talking to" he would grin like crazy and wouldn't quit looking at Grandma...you know, like "please don't think less of me!"  But, they thought it was charming...isn't that the job of a grandparent?

Getting ready for church...I forgot to say, "Look at mommy!"

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