Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One bite at a time

Well, I have made it out of the fog.  Well as much as I ever am.

I was able to get several things done yesterday.  I would have gotten more done, except I had to take my oldest daughter (read right-hand) to the doctor because she has strep throat!  Like I have time for that,'s not all about me.  Got it.  Anyway, we spent the morning at the doctor's office.  But, she's on meds and hopefully will be ready to help me tomorrow.

Erin and I stayed up late going over final money figures and working on to-do lists.  People have asked where we are on the money side of things.  The answer is somewhere between $0 and $5,000.  How's that for a gap?  We've read different figures in different places.  We are going with what we have and praying that the Lord will provide whatever else we need.

I've started putting my to-do list on post-it notes, one or two action items per note.  That way I can move them around or change the order without any big deal.

Here's my action list.  This is for this week.  I'm adding some for next week as well.

We got the official itinerary for our flight.  Let's just say that for this small town girl who's never flown for longer than 2's gonna be tough and LOOOONG.  Part of the reason for that is we have a larger plane with more room and that one takes more stops.  I'm grateful for more room.  Always.  The travel agent asked what our meal preference was.  I don't know.  Do they offer a menu?  No? I guess not.  Well, then whatever is fine.

We leave in 11 wake-ups.  In about 17 days we will meet Alice.  Wow.

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