Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The 3 little P's

This week is the week of the "P"...post office, packing and paperwork.

I have 6 packages to get shipped out.  One is for a dear friend in Bahrain that helped us raise funds by buying a lot of things from our facebook auction.  That one is a fun box!  The other 5 are Christmas gifts.  I usually make most of our gifts, but not this year.  I did make my grandmothers' gifts, though.

Packing, packing, packing.  Yesterday we got half of the kids packed.  Not the kids, just their stuff.  I bought jumbo sized Ziploc bags.  Each kid has 4 bags.  Then I wrote on an index card what each kid was bringing.  Hopefully to help cut down on lost clothes as they are shuffled back and forth between grandma and aunt.  Wonder how 5 kids can equal a half?  Well, 2 kiddos completely packed, 2 kiddos almost packed, and one, well, he will be naked if we don't get on the ball.

I haven't even started Erin and I's clothing yet.  I have spent a LOT of money, it feels like, buying things for our trip.  But, the bags from the store are in a pile on my bedroom floor.  Last night Erin was wondering if we even have enough warm clothes.  I don't know!  I've been worried about travel pillows and travel size Tide.  Clothes?  Oh yeah, we'll be winter vacationing in an Eastern European country.  Just like every other American tourist, right?  I am hoping to start on our stuff tomorrow.  Confession...I have gathered books, games, loaded a borrowed ipod, and decided what knitting I'm taking.  Just not any clothes.

Paperwork.  I'm working on getting all of the paperwork we're supposed to bring ready.  We've finished our wills and the legal papers for our family taking care of our children.  Just need more notarizing, if you can believe that!  More!

We are very busy, but with the normal goings-on of getting ready for an international trip.  You know, like I take every year?  NOT!

PS--the vote has a schedule for the 16th (same as our SDA appointment) for 10 am.  That will be 2 am our time.  This vote may greatly affect our adoption.  I have heard that if they do vote to change their adoption wording it won't take effect for a few months.  If that is the case it will not change our plans.  If they make it effective immediately, we may have to leave without ever seeing Alice.  I am not all that worried about it for a few reasons.  One, I serve a sovereign God.  He has planned all that is to happen.  Two, (and as much as I hate to admit this) my worrying about it will not change anything.  It will happen as it is to happen.  The wonderful people at RR are working hard to change the wording so as to not stop special needs adoptions.   I wanted to give an update and more information. 


  1. Good Luck and safe travels!!! :) Billie Lynn

  2. Sorry Emily, it won't happen with regards to the kid's clothing. I give it 5 days before its scattered at the respective houses. I speak from experience!


  3. It's so wonderful to see your faith in action! Wow, we have very similar experiences...Russia took a vote too and when we went on our 1st trip we didn't know if we'd be able to complete our adoption...God worked it all out perfectly and we are confident that he will do the same for you! We're praying!!

  4. Just made your blog my home page. :-)

  5. praying for all the details & (you to find warm clothes!)


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