Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sweetness--Day 7

This smile was on her tickles this time!  What a thing of beauty!
We were able to visit Alice this morning, but not this afternoon.  We got to the orphanage right on time.  It snowed last  night so everything is clean and white.  We were told about a side entrance we could use.  The orphanage is huge and has tons of twists and turns.  I am thankful for the side entrance.  We just walk outside around 2 turns and we are there!  We knock on the window and they let us in a door.  We take off our shoes and get out the blanket to sit on.  Then we wait.  They know which child we are coming for and go "get her ready".  This part seems to take forever!

Me, waiting for them to bring me Alice.  I stand looking out the doorway that leads to her groupa until they arrive.
Today they brought her in the same outer clothes she was wearing yesterday.  So, it makes it harder for me to remember which picture was taken on which day.  My brain is a big bowl of mush!  She was wearing 2 onesies, footed fleece over-alls, a long sleeve shirt, a fleece jacket with a hood that we must keep on, and socks covering her feet.  Um, yeah.  She stays warm, but when we hold her our body heat plus hers makes her sweat.  I took off the hood and put on a hat that my niece made.  That seemed to help a bit.

Today was pure sweetness.  She let us hold her.  I mean really hold her.  The times before she would squirm and want to get down after a few seconds.  Yesterday, she would make her way to me.  But, today, she let us just hold her.  Cuddle with her.  Rock her.

In my family we have a little melody of hums that I remember my grandmother humming.  My mom hummed that song with me and all my siblings.  I hummed it with my children.  I've been humming it with Alice.  I want her to remember me.  So, today when I started that song, she got very still.  She remembered me!

We sit in this little room on the floor with the toys we brought with us...for an hour.  Today, she liked the toys, but really just wanted us to hold her.  We've seen her 5 times total and I believe she's starting to recognize us. What a blessing.

Erin's holding her, but I'm holding her hand...see how tiny she is?

She loves to hold our fingers.
I was able to take some quick measurements of her head and foot.  I would like to make her a few things.  Her head measures 16.5 inches around and her foot is 3.5 inches long.  Just in case there's anyone reading this that would also like to make her a few things.  Just sayin.

Alice also received two Christmas gifts before we left.

Sock Monkeys are a big deal in my family.  This one is from her Grandma Beckie.  I'm not sure Alice is as into it yet.  She did chew on his face and arms.

She received this doll from Grandma Frye for Christmas.  Alice liked the hair.  I  know this because she, well, chewed on it.

Holding Monkey's hand
Sunsets are a big deal to my dad and me.  So, Dad, here's the sunset from our apt window.  By the way, it's 3:30 in the afternoon.


  1. And, my tears of joy keeping on streaming down my face.

    Hurry home!

  2. Love, love the pictures. I can see from here Alice is beginning to "attach" to Momma & Daddy. Attachment isn't as big & scary as it is sometimes made to be in adoption circles.
    It is God's grace, commitment, time, & closeness with the same people-Momma and Daddy.
    What a gift to be given so much time with her. How wonderful that she has been increasingly wanting you to hold her...a very good sign of attachment as well.
    All the layers of clothes! I remember this in fact the clothes we brought for A were too big, because we didn't realize how many layers he had on...he was so tiny!
    Praying for your judge and all of the officials in your court proceeding. Love you guys!

  3. Hi Emily, We will have our court date either the 23rd or 24th. Praying we ALL will be able to finish what the Lord has set before us. Sure wish you were in our region. It would be nice to get together. So nice to hear your sweetie is bonding with you. Come on over and visit our blog:)

  4. How sweet!
    Thanks for the numbers, I know they'll come in handy to some crafty person ;)
    We're praying for you and praising the Lord for His abundant blessings on your family!

  5. Absolutely SWEET!!! WOWZER!! We are absolutely THRILLED for you guys! <3<3<3 I can't wait till you get her home! PRAISE THE LORD!!

    Love you,

  6. Oh we are so very happy for you all! We have been praying and I this is the first time I have been on the internet since Thursday morning. Your blog was the first place I went! We love you & will continue to pray for all details! ((HUGS))


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