Thursday, December 9, 2010

Not Much...

Just a tiny post to say...2 more days until we leave!

I am very weepy at the thought of leaving my blessings.  I keep trying to hold 6 year old Tom.  He's embarrassed because he thinks he's too big to sit in my lap. 

I have sit here for almost an hour trying to think of something cute and witty to say about that.  Everything I come up with makes me sound like I want him to be a mama's boy...I don't!  I just want to hold him in my lap for say, the next 10 years.  Is that so wrong?

PS--Just heard the vote has been moved to the week of December 21-24.  Maybe another push and we'll have her home before they change anything!


  1. Emily, we are praying for you guys and so excited for you! ~Janiece for the Loyds

  2. SO excited for you guys!! Praying :)

  3. We are praying for you both, Alice, safe travel, all your kiddos and all family members caring for them! We will looking for updates soon! ((HUGS))


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