Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Get a load of this hat!

Everyday they bring Alice to me in the most amazing layers.  I am either laughing about it or irritated, because this is just silly.  Anyway, today, they brought her to me with this hat.  It's a traditional hat for this region, but, well, um...

We got to see our girl 2 times today.  The visit in the morning she is usually a little sleepy and very cuddly. I have no problem with that.  She will sit with Erin for a little while, then she squirms to get down.  Then, she works her way to me.  I pick her up and rock her.  I do my humming thing and she settles right down.  Erin commented on how much she enjoys being rocked.

I must admit, I am quite smitten.  I will sit and rock for almost the entire time we are allowed to be there.  I kiss her over and over.  I have 14 months of kissing to make up for after all.  I tell her, "You're name is Alice and I'm your mama."  Today, I got a little teary.  Thinking that this is the only home she's ever known.  She was left at the hospital.  She had surgery and then went to the orphanage.  She's never known family.  Boy, is she in for a treat because she's about to know family, baby.

After our morning visit we went to what has to be the craziest, coolest, weirdest outdoor market I've ever seen!  It goes on and on and on.  I don't think the picture does it justice.  There had to be at least 1000 booths.  We walked for 30 minutes and covered maybe 1/5th of it.  They sold everything from panties to pots and pans.  Children's clothes to tires.  Everything!

The hat Erin got at the outdoor market.  We're in front of the orphanage.
Our afternoon visit is longer.  So, we've started walking the hallways with Alice.  Today when we asked if we could do that the nanny went and got an extra coat and a blanket!  No lie.

So, we walk for an hour and a half.  We take turns holding her.  Erin gets 2 laps; I get one.  Seems fair since I hold her most of our morning visit. We show her outside.  We let her get some sun...when it's out...which as been one day out of 9.

Our court date is Thursday at 2 pm local time.  At that appointment the judge will either approve or disapprove of us adopting Alice.  If he approves then he will then either uphold the 10 day waiting period or waive it.  We, of course, are praying he waives it and we get to bring her home sooner.  Please be praying for us on Thursday, or Wednesday night depending on your time.  We will probably not be updating until Friday at some point.  Sorry for the delay, just keep praying!

Tomorrow morning is The Vote.  Our facilitator told us that we should be ok.  That we need to have had court before the president signs it into law which won't be until after New Year's.  It's hard not to worry about it though.  If our adoption is not effected, other's will be.  We met a family in the capitol city last week.  Their sons' orphanage is not as nice as Alice's.  They need to get those boys out NOW!  But, their court date isn't until Jan. 5.  We have prayed for this family daily.  Please join us in this.  Their blog is http://www.noknots.blogspot.com/  They are fellow Texans and more importantly, fellow believers.  I have no idea how we'll know how, if anything, this will effect us.  We can't exactly watch the news.  I hope some fellow Reece's Rainbow people will leave a comment or email me the news.

I made an amazing discovery today.  All along this journey I have said I won't adopt again.  I felt the work was too hard, the journey too rough.  But, I realized today when holding her; it was worth it.  Rocking her; the paperwork seems small.  Kissing her sweet, little cheeks; the scary seemed long ago.  Looking into her eyes; knowing what life has been like for her and what it will be like is honey to my soul.  She is worth it.


  1. She is so beautiful ...I can't get over it! Every picture is more precious. Praying court goes well, the vote turns out well for all families involved, and that the judge would be moved to waive your wait period.

  2. The last picture is so sweet! It looks as if she's giving you a big thumbs up!

  3. Alice's eyes seem to sparkle more each day you are with her. Now, I can't imagine you without her.
    Praying for court and all the details that go with that. It is an amazing privilege to stand in court and declare "Yes, this one is mine. Yes, I know there are no guarantees for health, etc. I want her no matter what." A picture of what Christ did and does for us whom the Father has called, adopted. Declaring us His-"no scheme of man can pluck us from His hand." (In Christ Alone)

  4. Precious time indeed! We will definitely be praying!

  5. Wow, you're last paragraph really resonated with me. PTL. Erin looks like a regular in that hat. Great picture. I got weird looks all of the time wearing flip flops and my SoCal-type clothes. When you take Alice out, you will also get comments if she is not bundled like a bean in a Chipotle burrito. I had a lot of babushkas in Russia lecturing me when I took Emma's hat off because it was hot in the summer. How funny. May the Lord continue to bless you and use you to advance His kingdom. Alice is beautiful and what a joy seeing you with your daughter. I always know there is an update to your blog when I see a bunch of tissues on our couch and Sandi with tears running down her face. -chad

  6. Alice FEELS your love b/c she is radiant more today than I have seen her! We are praying for your court date and I can't wait to love on her too!

  7. She is so precious! We are so happy that Alice has a family who loves her. We will be praying about the vote and for God to deliver all these precious orphans. We remember well the feelings we had at court and will pray that God will give you favor and give Alice into your arms.
    the Adamsons


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