Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More information about the vote

Every week Reece's Rainbow has a chat to help answer any questions adopting parents might have.  Last night was the first time I have joined it.  I usually forget.  Plus, remember, I haven't really thought beyond getting the dossier submitted.

I learned a couple of things about the upcoming vote.  1)There is NO set date for the vote.  I can't remember where I saw that date and now I can't find my source. 2)Since we were submitted already chances are that any vote won't effect our adoption.

I am so relieved and excited, but my heart is still in knots for those that haven't been submitted yet.  I am praying that this doesn't delay anyone or cost more for them.

We haven't heard anything about a date for a SDA appointment.  I am not expecting to yet, either.  I am praying that we get the notice next week when we are with extended family for the holidays.  I think that would just be so neat. 

Believe me.  When we know you will probably hear me shouting...so might Alice.

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