Monday, November 1, 2010

I have great news, good news and bad news

Great news:  Our immigration permission was faxed today!  After being told they don't allow faxes and that we're only allowed 1 copy and since ours has already been mailed out we couldn't have another one.  Weird.

Good news:  Our dossier is done at the proof reader's.  We had some minor mistakes that have been easily fixed.  By the way, one was the medical form.  Yep.  I had to redo that form...drum roll, please...6 TIMES!  Can you see why I don't want to miss this deadline and have to redo the paperwork?

Bad news:  Not really ALL that bad.  We have to have one form completely redone.  One that has be done in Austin.  Really, it's an easy fix and I'll need to be there anyway for the apostilling of the paperwork.  At first I thought it was going to take a few weeks.  But nope.  This time tomorrow, I should have that form in my shaky and grateful hands, have made a copy of the dossier and sent it by Fed Ex it to Alice's country.  Whew!  And enjoying some Austin brewed kombucha.

It will feel like a huge weight off my shoulders.  Then the waiting really begins.  I used to think I'd be scared of just sitting and doing nothing for this adoption.  What a silly girl I am!  I'm sure I'll find plenty of things to do to fill my time.


  1. That's wonderful news!!! So what does this mean as far as when you'll get to go on your 1st trip?
    Is there any way you could pick up some Kombucha for us? I can't find it anywhere and I can't find anyone with an extra Scoby. If not, that's okay, no worries.
    I'm so happy for your family!!!

  2. Great news! We had to re-do our medical forms 4 times. Totally typical...but annoying and frustrating, I know! Have fun appostile-ing! It is so cool to have all your hard work look so official! You're almost there! Good job and praise the LORD!

  3. Praise God!
    I know you guys will have a great time in Austin *insert huge grin* please say hello to the amazing taco people in Giddings as you drive past!

  4. Never mind about the Kombucha Emily...I found some : ) Have a great trip and I'm praying this means you'll get to meet Alice very soon!!


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