Monday, November 1, 2010

Here's where we are now...

I called USCIS on Friday.  That's the United States Customs and Immigration Services.  I got the number from our dossier prep team with Reece's Rainbow.  I wanted to get the name and number of the officer on our case so I could ask for a timeline.  I wasn't going to harass the woman, just kindly ask.  And stress the importance of the date.  Gently.  I promise.

I spoke with a very nice woman, Officer H, that told me our case was being handled by a back up officer.  They are very behind and have brought in extra hands.  The back up officers don't take phone calls or emails.  Of course not, I thought.  Officer H told me that they had just gotten our case on Thursday so it would be 30 days before we heard anything. 

Ok, I thought.  There's God's answer.  At least I don't have to wait everyday, hoping.  I can move on and get started on the redo of the paperwork. 

Officer H then said, "Well, it says your case is with a supervisor."  What does that mean?  "It usually means a decision has been made."  But, she couldn't find me anymore info.  So, she took my number and said she would call me back when she knew more.  I had heard that same from a different officer 2 days before.  I wasn't holding my breath.

20 minutes later, Officer H called me back to let me know that we have been approved!  (That's great news because it means that we now have permission to bring Alice Faith home to this country.)  She told me that it is extremely unusual that a case would be approved after only having it for 24 hours!  I was so excited!  I told her that if she were with me I hug her neck and give her a big kiss!  She laughed (I think she was glad to be several hours away from me). 

We will have our form in  7-10 business days.  When I emailed our team at RR, she said that yes we can still send it to Alice's country, but they can't guarantee we'll be submitted by the Nov 25 deadline since we will be missing the Nov 1 deadline.  The SDA (the government agency that handles adoptions in her country) will accept dossiers every Thursday up to Nov 25.  We still have to have it translated before it can be submitted.  It will depend on how many submit and how many are in front of us.

But, how can I worry about that?  God has performed miracles, I think.  He has provided money and time for this to all happen as it has up to date.  Does that mean we will automatically be submitted?  No.  It means that he has worked supernaturally.  We may still not make it by the new deadline.  So what?  How can I fuss when he has given so much.

Thank you for your prayers and for asking me about it.  Sorry it took me 3 days to post about it.  I was emailing our team back and forth so I would have all the info before I passed it along.

I've been praying that our sweet girl would have an extra hug or get held just a little longer each day. 


  1. This is wonderful news, and we will continue to pray!!!

  2. I am praying that God will bring your new daughter home quickly so that she can begin to hear the Gospel on a regular basis. We love you and and are trusting in God's good plan for His glory and your good. Soli Deo Gloria!

  3. Thank you for the update! I love when others "see" God's hand in the details (like the USCIS officer did). I am so happy that your dossier is ready to be translated. We will pray that the person to whom that task is assigned, is energized to clear their desk and burn midnight oil to finish the translation! We are praying for Alice Faith's continued safety and health!

  4. Praise the Lord! He answers prayers! We'll continue to pray that everything is finished quickly so we can all meet your precious girl!

  5. Yes!!!!! THANK YOU, FATHER! He IS a Father to the fatherless- this I know, personally. Oh, this blessed my heart. Thank you for sharing, Em!

    You gave me a belly chuckle again. You're so precious... <3 Your whole family is to us. We will continue to pray for y'all. XOXOXOX

  6. WOW! That IS a doubt about it! We will keep praying!


    --Billie Lynn

  8. Praise God!!! What an answer to prayer. We will continue praying on our end. thank you for keeping us updated! So exciting!!


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