Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yep, we got clothes!

until the 2nd garage sale.  We have about the same number of families that have donated this time as at the last garage sale.  This time we have been given mostly clothes.  I am not exaggerating when I say we have a lot of clothes.  We have been blessed with donations of other things as well.  Just a lot of clothes.

A clothes pile taller than my couch

At first, I was worried about the amount.  Last garage sale, we didn't sale a lot of clothes.  God must have a plan for this.  As He does for everything.  I think they didn't sell well last time because they were unorganized and chaotic.

My heart races and I start to sweat just looking this picture.  Tell me I'm not the only one that feels the need to leave the room.

So, I asked a few young ladies from church to come help me organize them.  It was such an overwhelming task, that I knew I needed help!  I happened to have asked girls that LOVE to organize and love to fold clothes.  How cool is that?  We worked from 9 until 3 (taking an hour for lunch).  That was 6 of us working for 5 hours!  Thank you so much, Lisa, Jordan, and Ashley!  So, we now have a bunch of boxes of kids' clothes.  We now have 3 racks of adult clothes.  I now have 2 huge piles of clothes on my dining table because we ran out of hangers.  We are eating all meals in the living room on the floor.

My dining table is there somewhere, I promise!  If you've never been to my house, I promise it doesn't normally look this way.

I am gearing up for the job of working the sale.  I am really getting excited about doing it.  I have to be honest.  I haven't been looking forward to this one.  I'm tired of the stuff all over my house that doesn't belong.  But, I enjoy the busyness of the sale days.  I enjoy the fellowship with the sweet, sweet families that come to help.  I'm really excited that the weather is going to be so much cooler!  I enjoy getting that much closer to getting my girl.

Also, quick note, we finished the paper chase today!  I had the last of our dossier notarized.  We will go to Austin next Friday to get it apostilled.  We are now just waiting on our immigration permission.  I feel such a weight off my shoulders!  What a relief to have that done.

I'm off to make signs for the sale.  Tomorrow the sorting and repacking begins.  Thursday at 7 a.m. the fun begins!

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  1. WHEW! I am do excited to see all the progress with clothes and papers! I will be praying for you this week as you get ready for the big garage sale. We are also praying for immigration to move swiftly!!


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