Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Garage Sale Time Again!

We are now "officially" accepting donations for our next garage sale.  We will have the sale Sept 30, Oct 1 (Alice's 1st birthday), and Oct 2.

We still have a full garage that I haven't gone through and organized.  I now have a full deck that I haven't gone through.  But, Lord willing, I will change that soon.  Last garage sale, I just piled it high then tricked asked with full disclosure a couple of sweet, willing friends and family to help organize it the day before the sale.  I hoping to do that again...maybe different friends this time...ones that don't read this blog...ones that don't talk to the other friends...fresh meat, so to speak.

Please pass the word.  Last time a friend sent a notice to her home school group and her church.  We had 5 families donate that we had never met!  It was such a blessing to our family.  You never know who will read an email and fell led to donate.

Hey, is it time for a fall cleaning at your house too? hint, hint


  1. Oct 1st is Mathieu and Liana's birthday too! :) (Megan's is Sept 30th! 3 b.days in a row here!)

    Our landlord left a ton of things for us that we don't want (toys, kitchen things mostly) that you are welcome to. Let us know when you want to come by.


  2. I'm a friend of Sheryl Slot's. I've just started following your blog this evening. So far, I've chuckled and groaned with you as we have "been there, done that." We adopted Elijah from Svalyava, Ukraine in July of 2005. We had the added "blessing" of having to do paperwork from TWO countries (we live and serve as international church planting missionaries in Corrientes, Argentina). We are now in the process of adopting our second son, Nico, from Argentina. We'll be praying with you as you continue this exciting venture

  3. Praying for your next garage sale. I pray both of our sales go well. Ours is on those very same days. We need to pay the final $3500 to the agency before our 5 little ones can be transported to our clinic. We have to pay our clinic $1700 by the second week of October too. It is all happening so fast and we know that it is all in His perfect timing.


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