Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Hiding Place

Today has been a tough day.  When I told my neighbor that, she said "Well, you're bound to have at least one!"  That made me giggle.  That is very true.

We need a mortgage verification for our dossier.  One of three last forms before we are done.  County appraiser and our USCIS (permission to bring her into the country) being the other two.  Bank of America will not help us get this information.  Yes, the bank will send us a verification letter, but not worded the way we need it to be worded for the country we are working through.  I have gone to 2 separate branches.  We have spoken with corporate.  The issue is their letterhead.  We need the form on their letterhead.  They won't use our form.  I even cried in the bank office today.  I hate crying in front of strangers.  How embarrassing!  They won't help.  There may be a way we can work around it and Erin is going to work on that tomorrow.  I'm glad I'm not going this alone!

Also, the Ukraine government is voting whether or not to stop foreign adoptions in a few weeks.  Please join us in praying about this.  IF we can get our dossier submitted before the vote, it will not effect us.  This issue came up in June and the issue did not pass.  The administrator of Reece's Rainbow is not worried.  She said to just work at getting submitted.  We are waiting on the immigration permission from the US government.  That, at this point, is the longest expected wait.

So, as I felt trampled upon today, I remembered that the Lord has called us to this.  He will equip us to do what He is requiring of us.  His will is the hiding place.  His will is the safest place.  As we go through this storm, His will is the shelter.  We can rest.  When I remembered that today, I felt the tension go.  I know that this, too, will be worked out.  This I know for sure.


  1. Sorry it was a rough day. The paperchasing can be DRAINING. You are so right my friend, His will IS the shelter. We continue to pray for all details to iron out and your little girl to come home soon.

  2. This is quite a reminder of His sovereignty! The last part of your post is something that I needed to read today. I'm grateful that we do have a shelter and security in His will!

    I just keep thinking of what a blessing it will be to look back and read over these posts.

    I'm praying for you guys.

  3. We're praying for you guys. Bless you.


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