Thursday, September 30, 2010

Early morning Philosopher

Garage Sales are a lot of work.  Or maybe I'm not doing it right.  Whatever the cause, we're working.  Hard.  Today is the first day of the sale.  I'm hopeful the Lord is sending a lot of customers today.  It's 5 am and I am procrastinating about waking up my family to get things set up.

I've been thinking about the theology of adoption lately as I've been sorting, planning, cleaning, and hanging clothes.  My Lord Jesus worked hard for my salvation.  It took a lot of sorting, planning, cleaning.  And although He didn't have to deal with hangers and clothes, He had to deal with men trying to kill Him.  Men in His inner circle turning their backs on Him.  Hunger, temptation, humiliation and death.  He did this to rescue me from hell.  I didn't know I needed to be rescued, nor that I was in hell.  I thought I was just fine where I was, because I knew no different.  And because in my sin, I loved hell.

We are doing this to rescue Alice from a type of hell.  She has no idea how good it will be when she's here.  She has no idea how much love she has waiting for her on this side of the orphanage.  We are working so hard and the cost is so high, because she's so worth it.  This is the price to pay to buy her freedom.  I would pay any amount to buy her freedom.  Jesus paid the ultimate price to buy mine.

We started down this journey of adoption because it's such a beautiful picture of the gospel.  Boy, I had NO idea how much it would be just that.

Jesus, the perfect man.  He gave up His everything.  He willingly gave up being with His Father to live among those that hated Him.  He paid the ultimate price for my, and your, sins.  When God said that punishment must be paid for those sins, Jesus stepped up.  He took on those sins.  From the first sin of Adam to the last sin of those given to Him.  Then to those that believe Jesus is who He says He is, He offers us a covering.  He will adopt us into His family and call us His.  We are able to enjoy all that being a child of God has to offer.  We no longer look like orphans.  God maybe opening your heart to Him today.  Pray, ask Him to save your soul.  Is God using Alice to bring about your adoption as well?

**UPDATE**I didn't post this right away because I wanted Erin to pre-read and ok it first.  Now it is almost 6 pm and the garage sale day ended at 2.  We had a good day and were blessed with great weather!  We sold a lot of clothes.  My friends that arrived at 6 AM and helped all day were such troopers!  What great friends the Lord has blessed me with.  I am humbled that they would arrive so early and stay all day...then promise to do the same tomorrow as well.  But, we had a wonderful time of fellowship. (as we almost always do with the people of our church).  Looking forward to another blessed day tomorrow.  Plus, there's much less to carry out in the morning!  Yay!!!


  1. Wonderful post Emily. See you in the morning. :-)

  2. Looking forward to it! It's gonna be a great day.


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