Saturday, August 21, 2010

Take note...I'm speechless!

What the garage looked like when we started this morning.  I didn't take one on the first day to show just how much was really there.  Wish I had thought to do so.

This gentleman bought a ton of furniture! This was on the first day.  He was a newly wed and was furnishing his new home.  We were happy to have so much for him to choose from.

Well, we are done!  "The" garage sale is finally done.  It's hard to believe that just a little over a week ago I asked for donations!  People gave, and gave, and gave.  We even had people bringing donations today!

My early morning helpers...I think the 5 am wake up call made them go mad.
We were only open until around noon.  There were simply no more customers and I was, frankly, tired.  The heat was not bad at all today and that was such a blessing.  I started to pack up what was left and my beloved mother-in-law suggested that I leave it and come inside.  I did and we started counting money.

We counted the donation jar first.  We separated all the coins.  I tried to turn it into a math lesson, but my brain was too confused with the counting of the coins and trying to do math facts...ever been there?  Then we started putting the coins into paper rolls.  We were what I call "simpled out."  What that means to us is that we giggled over everything and nothing.  It also meant that we were unable to perform simple, fine motor skills.  Yes, it took us awhile, but we had a lot of fun trying to do it.  I wanted to do the jar first to remind us of the people who gave for no reason.  They gave us over $321!  In a jar!  My mind was swimming already.

The sales were easier to count because they were mostly bills and a few checks.  We counted twice because we didn't believe the total.  Are you ready?  The Lord provided over $4000!  I was overwhelmed, to say the least.  I just cried.  I had asked the Lord for $1000.  But He provided 4 times that amount!  He's always giving something extra!

God placed on the hearts of 23 families to give what they donated.  He arranged for all the customers to come to our sale.  He did all of that so that Alice would be able to come home.  She's so loved already.  I am humbled and speechless.  Take note, you may never have another chance to hear of me being without something to say!  But, I pray that I am able to always give God the glory.

But, the widow's oil has run out and now I am very, very tired.  Thank you for praying and loving Alice too.


  1. Every time I think of how the Lord has confirmed His will for Alice Faith and your family, I am overwhelmed and I cry. EVERY TIME!
    God is so in love with you!

  2. Plus you have eBay money coming to you. :-)


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