Monday, August 16, 2010

"For my sister, for my sister"

We began going through the amazing amount of items in our garage today.  As we unpacked a box full of antique glassware, silver tea pots and crystal perfum bottles, my beautiful young daughters started to drool!  They wanted to keep all of it!  Then I heard them muttering to each other.  I asked what they were saying.

"For my sister, for my sister."

Even though they wanted to keep all the antiques for themselves they were reminding each other who this garage sale is for.  I must say I don't blame them for wanting to keep everything.  I personally would like to keep the antique cast-iron irons...we have 6 of them!  We've got some beautiful stuff!  But they know the priority.

All for Alice Faith.


  1. We went through something similar when our older 3 girls had to get TB tests and they REALLY didn't want to but they braved it out because they knew it was for their little brother to be able to come home : )

  2. That is awesome! It IS hard to deny these things, but it is for a great cause! Good job girls!

  3. What precious daughters you and Erin are blessed with!


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