Friday, August 20, 2010

Baby, it's hot outside! Part 2

Day 2 of the biggest garage sale I've ever been apart of is done...whew!  We sold a lot of little things.  That was nice because it meant far less to pack up and put into the garage.  The garage is less full, but it's hard to tell because you can't see the back or side walls.

I wanted to share some of the stories of the giving.  It has been wonderful and sweet to watch strangers get excited for us.  Only one woman got light-headed when we told her that Alice would make #6.  Most people didn't ask how many children we already had.  And I figured, "Don't ask, don't tell."

A family came that had a daughter with Down Syndrome.  The mother didn't speak English, but her daughter translated for her.  I told them why were having the sale and for whom.  The momma got a sweet look on her face and put her hand on her heart.  The younger daughter, age 5-6?, then asked if she could give to help us.  She handed me 2 quarters.  I offered her a coke as a thank you.  This spurred her older siblings, 3 others including the DS sister, to find money to donate.  The little girl with DS was making sure her whole family had something to drink.  I wish the mom and I could have had a talk about her daughter.

A grandmother was taking a walk with her grandson and just happened to see the sale and stopped to buy some books.  When we told her why we were there and showed her Alice's picture, they shopped some more.  After she bought an armful of books and some toys her and the little boy left.  She then returned about 15 minutes later with a box.  She had gone home and found some items she wanted to donate for Alice.

One lady gave us a $20 for a small item.  Then she took the change and put it into the donation jar.

The donation jar is very heavy now!  The level has grown and grown.  We, of course, put it into the house for the night.  After we put everything away for the day I walk into the house and Charlotte is trying to get the money out!  I explained that we weren't going to count the money in the jar until Saturday. I looked closer at the jar.  Henry had put a blue tube into the jar...and a water bottle lid...and some small pieces of trash.  So, I guess I'll be cleaning that out here in a bit.

I'm still going strong with energy.  The Lord is providing.  Not only money, donated items (which are still coming in, by the way) but also the help of friends and family and energy.  And, no rain.

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  1. That's wonderful! I wish we could have been in town for this but I'm so glad to know things went well :) See you tomorrow!


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