Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Road Trip!

Yesterday, I made my first trip to Austin to get paperwork apostilled and mailed to Ukraine.  I was very nervous.  I didn't know what I was doing, where I was going, etc.  But, now, I'm a little more knowledgeable....about apostilling in the state of Texas.  Don't get excited.

I was up at 5. Good thing I'm a morning person!  I got ready, gathered my paperwork and left.  I picked up my good friend and former Austin resident, Margaret.  We left Houston around 6.  She introduced me to the most amazing breakfast burrito place in Giddings.  Oh baby, that was a good breakfast.  We got into Austin just in time for rush hour traffic, but I wasn't driving, so I was good.

We found the building right off and heading into the Authentication office.  I was the only one there!  So, no line.  Yeah!  I sat down and filled out all the needed paperwork.  The lady asked me what country and when I told her Ukraine she said that they joke in the office that Russia and Ukraine try to compete to see which country will be the most difficult.  Words every adoptive mother wants to hear, right? When we left, there was a line behind me.
The seal of the state of Texas

We left the state office and walked the 2 blocks to a UPS office.  Again, no line!!  Huzzah!  I filled out the envelope to mail to Ukraine.  I wanted to mail it overnight, but the only available they had was for it to arrive on Wednesday.  When he told me the price of $111, I was good with Wednesday!  And again, when we left there was a line behind me!  Margaret said it was some of the same people from the state office.  How funny is that?  A couple more orphans who will soon have a family.

After that, I was golden.  She asked if I wanted to go to Whole Foods.  I told her I we could go anywhere she wanted to go...I didn't care where we went.  Plus, she was driving.  It was such a relief to have that part done.  I wish it was the final part and we were just waiting on a travel date, but one step at a time.
Sweet Family Time

This is Margart's mom making the most amazing enchiladas I have ever had!! 
Funny side note.  Margaret's sister had a baby 4 days ago and lives in Austin.  We spent the afternoon there, loving on the baby and loving the time with all the family.  She really does have the most precious family.  Ok, the funny part is coming.  I made a name sign for the new baby as a gift.  Margaret had called me on Friday to tell me the name was Elizabeth Nicole.  Yes, I assumed it was spelled that way.  You know what they say about assuming.  So, I made the sign for "Elizabeth". 

Saturday, I get an email that the name is "Elisabeth Nicole".  So I made another sign. 

Sunday night I was on facebook, wasting time and I saw that Amparo, Margaret's sister changed the name to "Rebeca Nicole".  I was a little worried, but it was late and I had a big day, so off to bed I went.  When I woke up, I thought it must have been a dream.  When I told Erin he, too, thought it was a dream.  When I picked up Margaret, she confirmed it was NOT a dream.  I still took the sign and gave it to the new baby.  By then it was funny.  (meaning not so much when I first found out, but I realized the world doesn't revolve around me and then it got funny.)  I figured they could give it to the cousin that was the reason for the name change.  I'll try to get Rebeca her own sign.  I love making them. 

I read that the immigration office is behind in the paperwork and what used to take 6-8 weeks is now taking 8-12 weeks.  They are working evening and weekends trying to get caught up.  I am overnighting our application tomorrow.  I know that the God of the universe CAN make it so we travel this year.  I also know that the same God has a reason for us waiting if that is His will.  I don't like the idea of waiting another 3 months.  But, I only want His ways and His will.  So, we are charging ahead like we are going to get to leave before December.  We are preparing our hearts and the children's hearts for not traveling until February. 


  1. Wow, that sounds like two days rolled into one! I'm so glad you were able to do everything easy peasy; plus, I've had those wonderful burriots in Giddings--they're pretty tasty :)

  2. Glad to hear you had a smooth trip. Trips like these for apostiles or say your second or third trip for lost birth certificates are much more fun when you have a sweet friend to travel with. It helps get your mind off the bumbles in paperwork.
    It seems immigration is always behind, but somehow it works out. I remember this happening too. I have an email address from an immigration snafu we had...go figure someone put the wrong name on our official paperwork. Let me know if you need me to locate that email for you.
    You have to love the paperwork humor about Russia and Ukraine. *smile* In the end though we win because we get the kids!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your adoption journey here. I am excited for your family and praying for you (Cynthia Comeaux is my friend and she told me about you and sent this link to me!)

    We are so thrilled to be heading to Austin in a couple of weeks to witness the adoption of our new baby niece! We'll probably be driving through Giddings early in the morning around breakfast time and would love to stop and have a breakfast burrito - what is the name of the burrito place?

    blessings to you,
    Thirza Ritter


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