Friday, February 18, 2011

This week in pictures

I had no idea it had been so long since I wrote a post!

We are doing great!  The week's highlights...and low lights...

  • Alice's first ever holiday at home...Valentine's Day was spent at the Doctor's office.  Alice and Henry both had bad coughs and fevers on Sunday.  I'm not a run to-the-doctor-at-every-sniffle kind of mom.  I'm more of an if-I-ignore-you-being-sick-will-you-get-better kind of mom (or I use homeopathy and oils to treat them at home...after all doctors' offices are where sick people hang out)  But since I know nothing about her being sick and her heart, etc, I didn't feel comfortable treating her at home.  The doctor said that Henry had bronchitis and was close enough to pnenomia that it warranted an antibiotic and a nebulizer.  She was impressed that we didn't already have one of those.  I told her we rarely get sick.  Alice had a bit of an ear infection and because she's medically "fragile" she's on an antibiotic too. 
  • At the doctor's office Alice was weighed and she is now up to 13 pounds 15 ounces!  She's gained 15 ounces in the time we've been home.  I'm proud of that.  I'm not sure if that's good enough, though.
  • Also, her thyroid is going to need treatment from a pediatric endo.  We head there in April.  (So, if you're counting...she's had 2 pedi appointments, 1 cardiologist appt in March, endo in April and pt evaluation in March.  Yeah, I know!)
  • Her certificate of citizenship arrived today!  It has the cutest picture on it.  I will try to post it later.
  • Yesterday, I applied for her SSN.  I have to be honest...I am SO done with paperwork.  I don't want to look at any of it!  That's why it's taken me this long to get everything done.  I still have to register her with the consulate.  I will attempt to do that next week.
  • I got sick this week too.  So did Thomas.  That means we've been eating canned soup and laundry has plied up.  But, the Lord blessed me with daughters that are wonderful at taking care of us.  That is also the reason that blogging has not been a priority.  Sick babies is draining then add a sick mama...spells rough seas in the household.
Alice is really starting to bond to us, I think.  Today, she smiled at me when I picked her up.  She cried when I put her down.  She's very serious and doesn't smile very often so these little smiles are like gold!  Her hair is growing and is shiny.  Her skin is soft and glowing.  We can no longer see her ribs, her hip bones or most of her back bones.  That alone is a huge blessing.

We just can't get enough of this little girl.  I wonder if you can tell that by the amount of "baby" stuff in the living room...bouncy seat, exersaucer, pack 'n play, bumbo seat, texture balls, jungle crawl mat...This is, of course, in addition to the "stuff" already in the living room for everyone else.  I like to pride myself in not needing much for babies.

I think the Lord is really working on my pride issue.  I used to pride myself in my humbleness.  I realize now I may have been going about this all wrong.

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