Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Madam Blueberry

I thought Alice would love to eat frozen blueberries...why not?

She liked the taste, but hated the cold.  She would pick them up (fine motor skills) and then toss or throw them because of the cold.

She even tried to eat them without touching them.

After she was nice and blue I decided to give her a sink bath.  You know, when you are too tired to walk all the way upstairs to give the kid a bath in the tub so you spend just as long cleaning the sink and give them a bath there?  But, after doing this, it may be our go-to place for baths...she fits!

After this picture I heard Henry behind me saying he wanted a bath.  Sure, I said.  I turned around and he was naked in the middle of the kitchen!

So, although he SO doesn't fit, he got a sink bath, too.


  1. How funny that she loved the taste but not the temp. of the blueberries :)
    I LOVE giving babies baths in the sink!

  2. Ah, love the pictures. Babies are irresistible cute in bathtubs (or sinks). :)

  3. Henry is so precious in his new tub. ;-)

  4. Adorable! Precious memories being made ... thanks for letting us share in them. ~ Grace


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