Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm not gonna lie...

It's been a tough week.  We started back to school this week.  We've been doing a "light" school since June and a "no" school since November.  I was starting to feel guilty about the children's lack of, we jumped in with both feet Monday morning.

Maybe we should have aimed for the kiddie pool and not the Olympic pool on Day 1.  We had melt downs, temper tantrums, sobbing in the corner, torn papers, broken pencils...and that was just me!  I started thinking I should be getting up earlier to get more done without the children.  But I think any earlier than 5 is just wrong.  Tell me I'm not the only one that thinks that.

Alice was great.  She just goes with the flow.  Praise the Lord!  The 2 year old, not so much.  He had a hard time getting back into the swing of things.  He got in trouble, trouble, trouble.  He doesn't mind Alice.  In fact, he want me to hold her and him at the same time.  And if she's on the floor, he's on the floor.  Of course, if you'll look at the picture...he's not alway appropriate with how he plays with her.  The rest of the kids, well, were grateful to be back in a routine and had missed school...weird...but nice.

Yep, using her as a foot stool.  And yes, she's chewing on a book.  We're starting reading early.
But, he really does love her.  And, yes, we do sometimes put clothes on him.

By Wednesday, things were getting a bit better and by Thursday we had a great day.  Of course, we didn't do school, but whatever.  Henry is getting better and not quite so naughty.  Well, as not quite so naughty as a sinner and 2 year old can be.

We have some family coming in tonight so we have to clean and do school today.  But, I'm not worried.  I feel like we can do this today.  It is only 7 am.  We'll see if I'm still this optimistic at 5 this afternoon.

Alice's blood test came back and her thyroid levels were high.  So we repeated the test with a broader panel. Thyroid issues are common in Down Syndrome, so this didn't completely surprise us.  Also, we have a daughter with an autoimmune hypothyroid.  It's no sweat.  But, here's the really neat part to my little rabbit trail...the techs that drew her blood were the same that drew it last time.  They were impressed with how much more alert she is and how much stronger.  It made this mamma's heart sing!

Isn't she beautiful?  Picture taken by Lizzie.


  1. yes she IS beautiful & yes, getting up before 5am is wrong. Have a great weekend with family!--Shannon

  2. She's beautiful... so glad for the updates. I've been praying for her. Will be praying for your family (and you) with getting into your routine. I agree, wading in for a while is a lot better than diving off the board ... esp. when you've been out for a while. Take it easy and enjoy your time with your family. Slow and steady can sometimes accomplish a lot more than going full force quickly (and it can be a lot more enjoyable too). Praying, Grace

  3. Yes Alice IS beautiful and I think Henry's curls are adorable!


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