Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Not Today

I watched as the mail truck came.  My heart started to beat faster.  Is today the day?  I watched it drive off.  I sat.  It won't change anything if I run out to the mailbox or wait a moment or two.  I sat.  I breathed in and out.  I decided if it was in the in the mailbox I needed to know so we could rush to Austin.  I sat.  I breathed in and out.  I walked barefoot out to the mailbox.

2 pieces of junk mail.  1 note from a friend that said she's praying for me-which made me cry.  I've been doing a lot of that this week.

It wasn't here today.  I've started praying it will be here tomorrow. 

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  1. Even though I saw you title, I still held my breath through reading your post. We continue to pray diligently for you all and for bureaucracy to move swiftly for your process. I pray for you as a mother as I know your heart and arms ache to hold your precious Alice. ((HUGS))


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