Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dear Alice,

Dear Alice,

Another week has gone by with what seems like little is getting done.  We're working.  But, we know that God has a perfect timing for all of this.  We want his perfect timing for our trip.

I saw a little girl at church that reminded me of you so much it took my breath away!  She was bigger than I imagine you to be right now, but she had the same shocking blond hair that you have in your picture.  And she had bright blue eyes like you do.  I kept staring at her imagining what it will be like to hold you in my lap. 

As I tucked your big brothers and sisters into bed last night, I wondered what your current nighttime routine looked like.  I bet they have a set time or bedtime could be a mad house!  We have a bedtime here as well.  Sometimes, though, our life gets busy or crazy or fellowship-full and bedtime is more of a guideline.  Do they read to you?  Probably not.  We like to give baths to those that didn't get one during the day.  Then all the children crawl into momma's bed.  Sometimes it takes a while for everyone to get comfortable.  I usually hold H because he won't be still.  Then I read a chapter, or two if we're all enjoying the story too much, of a book.  When you get here, I bet we'll fight over who gets to hold you.  Then the bigs go back downstairs to finish whatever it was they were working on.  Daddy and I tuck all the littles into bed.  Daddy prays for everyone in turn.  It's a really sweet time in our house.  I'm excited for you to be a part of it.

We faxed a copy of our dossier last night.  This isn't going to the government and is not official, yet.  This went to a Reece's Rainbow team in your country.  They're going to check it to see if we need anything else or if we need to redo something.  I hope neither one!!!  I thought I would feel like a weight had been lifted.  I didn't.  I just fee l nervous.  I have spent so much time and effort on the dossier.  I hope it's good enough.  I've been praying it will be seen favorably.  We are still waiting on our immigration permission.  We contacted our congressman to help us.  Can you believe a congressman is helping you come home?  That's quite an honor, I think.

T still prays for you everyday.  He wants you to be taken care of and loved until we can do that ourselves.  He's very excited to have you.  I wondered how H would handle being a big brother.  But, I've been watching him with babies and he's pretty sweet with other babies.  I think he's going to be sweet with you too.

My sweet girl.  Momma's working hard to get you home.  We'll be there as soon as the Lord allows.



  1. It's not nice to make your friends shed a tear so early in the morning. Love you <3

  2. I agree, my heart aches for Alice to be HOME. Praying as always!


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