Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dear Alice

Alice Faith.  January 2011.  15 months

Dear Alice,

It's been one year since we busted you out of the orphanage.  We never looked back.  It feels like you've always been a part of us.  Our time in your country of birth seems like a hundred years ago in a weird dream.  I am so grateful for all you've added to our family.

You have been our toughest child yet.  You chewed up most of my furniture.  You have figured out how to climb into the fireplace.  You've tested my mothering skills.  

But you know what?  God has not only been glorified through you and He has blessed us with you being so rewarding as well.  You have this beautiful determination.  Your smile lights up the room. You give the BEST hugs!  And you are learning how to give kisses.  Be still my heart.

Alice Faith.  December 2012. 2 years, 3 months.
Getting to know you was and is such a sweet delight.  Your tastes have changed so much.  One day you'll love eggs.  The next day you throw them on the floor.  One day you'll eat meat.  Next, don't plan on it.  Yes, I've been frustrated.  But, I'm learning how sinful I am.  I'm also learning you.

You have these amazing hands.  I love to look at them and hold them.  Daddy loves your square little body. He loves the way you like to eat.  He loves that when we ask if you are hungry you always sign please.

Your adoption has been the craziest, most wonderful thing.  The Lord has taught us so much during the process and during this year with you being home.  I know people think you are the lucky one.  But, they couldn't be more wrong.

We are the lucky ones.




  1. Love this! Happy one year anniversary with Miss Alice Faith: ) I can't wait to bring Elizabeth home and have them grow up together, I just know they're going to be the best of friends! We love you all and are thankful to have Alice (and the rest of you: ) in our lives!

  2. Made me cry....congratulations!!!

  3. What a beautiful letter to Alice, Emily. Many, many years ago, my parents worked with children with Downs Syndrome at their church in Tulsa. Mom always told us they had the sweetest hearts she had ever seen. Please give Alice a kiss for me.

    Judy Elliott
    Hardy, VA


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