Friday, August 5, 2011

Hi...My name is Alice

And I have decided that naps are for suckers.  Since I'm not a sucker, I'm not going to take them any more.  So, even though I may sit and cry, I'm not tired.  I may yawn and rub my eyes.  But don't lay me down for a nap.  I won't take one.  Unless I have speech therapy this afternoon.  Then I shall fall asleep mere minutes before Aunt Laura comes and when you wake me for our session...let's just say I'm gonna make everyone unhappy.

I've also decided I can feed myself mashed potatoes.  I am not sure that getting it all inside my mouth is a high priority.  So, maybe...maybe not.

And I think that folded clothes are put on this earth for my enjoyment.  And it brings me joy to toss them on the floor.

And I had my first hair cut.  I think I make this cut look gooooooood!


  1. She looks an absolute, adorable mess :-)

  2. Too cute!! Love the pics. (shh, Alice, don't tell mom, but I agree with you about the speech therapy... not much fun there) :) Hugs, Grace


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