Monday, April 11, 2011

Failed one test...passed another

Alice had a hearing test done this morning.

Her speech/feeding therapist (did I mention she's another beloved aunt?) suggested she have her hearing checked.  Sometimes when you call out Alice's name, she turns first time.  Sometimes the world can be falling around her and she doesn't even blink.  So, I agreed it would be a good idea to have it checked out.

Plus, we've done so many other doctors, what's a few more, right?

Well, I don't understand everything, but basically she failed the hearing test and has mild hearing loss.  She's got fluid build-up being her ear drums.  We are going to go back in 2 weeks after some effort to drain the ears to repeat the test.

I wasn't worried as I waited for them to come back with the results.  I knew something was up, though.  I was trying to imagine life with a child that will have issues with impulse control who can't hear me tell her no.  More than that, I was sad.  Would she ever hear me?  Would she hear giggles?  Would this be one more thing that would set her apart from...well, everyone else?

We adopted her knowing she had special needs.  I know she's different from my other children because of that.  She is adored and treasured.  But, it made me sad to think she would have another hill to climb.

I have no idea what the next few months will tell us with her hearing.  But, this I DO know.  God made her the way He wanted her to be.  He created her and gave her to me.  He has a purpose for this.

The other test...

Well, I'm the one that passed that test...actually, it was more of a positive/negative thing.

As in...the pregnancy test was positive!  Alice is going to be a big sister!  Baby #7 is due in mid-November.

I was a little shocked.  Usually, when my babies are 2 we are expecting in the next few months.  Henry turned 2 in December.  I should have been expecting it.  But I expected it to happen when Alice turned 2.  I know it sounds crazy.  But, she's the baby and that's how my brain works.

So, Alice will turn 2 in October.  And I'll have 2 two year olds.  The baby is due in November.  And Henry turns 3 in December.

Maybe I should change the name of the blog to "Blessings Coming out my Ears!" or "The day the Laundry took over" or "Grateful".


  1. I vote for Grateful! Congratulations to another arrow in your quiver :)

  2. We will be praying for Alice's hearing. Congratulations on your newest blessing! I pray our paths cross soon.

  3. We're so excited for your family! You'll be busy but God has blessed you with 3 older girls to help with the little ones : )
    I understand your feelings about the hearing thing...Anna had a physical on Thursday and didn't pass her hearing test either and it's so strange because she's 8 and we've never suspected anything...we'll keep investigating what is going on.
    I love reading your updates and seeing how the Frye family is doing.
    Your oldest daughter came up to me and gave me a big hug at the conference...she is so sweet! We love you guys and hope to see all of you soon! Chad wants to meet Alice : )

  4. I'd say "Grateful" or even "Blessed Beyond Measure"!! Praise the LORD on your newest little one. Praying for your (yet another... but wonderful) adjustment. Praying also for Alice's hearing. ~Grace

  5. Sorry to hear about the hearing test, but a huge congratulations on your family's growth!!

    Nikki --> get a blog design to change the world!


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