Friday, April 1, 2011

Doctor appointments take, like, 1000!

When I told my beloved sister-in-law that we were considering adopting a special needs child she asked me if I had considered how many doctor/therapy appointments we would be adding to our schedule.  Now, understand, I had 5 children and we only had the twice a year dentist and endocrinologist.  How could that stop us?  She agreed, but just wanted me to think about it. I appreciated the wise council.  But, I was naive.  How difficult could a few extra appointments be? 

Oh. My. Goodness.  I am worn out!

Tuesday my oldest, Lizzie, had a quick dental appointment that I almost missed because I had forgotten about it.

Wednesday all 6 children had dental cleanings.  Yep, all 6.  They cleared the whole hour just for us.  Charlotte has to have a tooth extracted.  Mary will get the privilege of having lots and lots of braces in the future.  Lizzie is getting her braces next month or so.  Thomas and Henry looked great.  H was so adorable.  The ladies in the office were impressed with his 2 year old cuteness.  I always am.  Alice even got a looking over.  He said she looked great and to bring her back when all of her teeth came in.  Since she's cut 6 since we've come home, I'm guessing next month?

Thursday is our normal day of violin and harp lessons and grocery store.  And a nice long nap for mommy.

Then, the mother of all days, Friday.  No milk to make breakfast.  So the kids ate bananas.  I drank a smoothie.  We made it out of the house by 8:45 (we were shooting for 8:30).  We went to the Museum of Natural Science.  So did 4 separate school districts of children.  So, as we dodged the other children I explained about creationism (amid a few evil eyes from the teachers).  As I tried to keep teachers from assuming my kids belonged with their kids, we learned about chemistry.

After about 2 1/2 hours of all that torture our field trip, I was ready for lunch.  We had a picnic outside.  My favorite part of the day.  Charlotte held Alice on the blanket.  I was laying down with both Henry and Thomas laying on me.  Lizzie and Mary sat near us.  The weather was perfect.  What a beautiful day.

From there we went to another doctor's appointment.  Charlotte has Hashimoto's thyroiditis.  An autoimmune disease that causes hypothyroidism.  We head down to the medical center every 6 months or so.  Well, in God's providence, it appears that so does Alice.  It's very common in Down's so I'm told.  Whatever.  I'm already well researched in it.  Bring it on!

Alice will have to be on meds just like Charlotte.  Well, at least I know what to expect.  Except the meds didn't make Charlotte any more hyper than usual (praise the Lord!  Any more energy and that girl could light our house!).  But, will they make Alice hyper?  She is the squrimiest baby already.  We'll see I guess.

Back to the appointments.

Monday both Lizzie and Charlotte will have teeth extracted AND then both Charlie and Alice have to have blood drawn to check their thyroid levels.

Sorry, I had to lay down for a bit.  I got a little light headed looking at all that.

I adore Alice more than words can say.  I think she is one of the prettiest babies we've ever had.  She can charm the stripes off a zebra.  But, let me tell ya.  I am pooped from running her all over town!  I think we're slowing down a bit.  I mean, really?  How many more doctors are there out there?  Right?


  1. "Charm the stripes off a zebra" - hahahaha!! -- Christina Haarhoff

  2. Wow, I have the same exact thyroid condition as Charlotte and Alice! You guys do sound busy but it also sounds like you're handling it well. We hope to see you guys again soon! Maybe at the conference. -Sandi

  3. Thanks for the update. I love how you describe your day and the kids. Your family rocks! ;-)


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