Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about Ali's freedom.  It's been 6 months since we took her out of the orphanage for the first and last time.  She's not the same little, blank baby we took out of there.

She's free from care takers that took care of her, but didn't love her...we love her so much.

She's free from a diet that barely kept her alive...we work very hard every day to feed her good food.  AND she's starting to eat something more solid than baby food.  To God be the glory!

She's free from SO many layers of clothing...this summer she's often wearing a diaper only.

She's free to crawl into the kitchen where all the action is...not just around a large play pen all day.

She's free to be loved on by 2 brothers and 3 sisters....with them often fighting over whose turn it is to kiss her.

She's free to laugh...and she does, a beautiful belly laugh.  Usually at Thomas.  When she hits him.

She's free to smile so hard her eyes have developed crow's feet.

She's free to have an opinion.  And don't think that just because she is little and has Down Syndrome that she doesn't have an opinion.  Cause she does.  And she's loud about it.  very loud.

She's free to play and chew on things besides the crib bars.

She's free to hear the gospel taught in her home most every night.

She's free to hear Who made her and what He did for her.

And I have freedoms too...

I'm free to call her my daughter...I no longer think of her as adopted.

I'm free to help others with fundraising...not having to worry about our own.

I'm free to delight in her gaining weight and not worry about how little she is.

I'm free to get all warm and fuzzy when I think of her as a big sister.

I'm free to forget that she has Down Syndrome...which I often do...she's just Alice.  

But, all my true freedoms were bought for me...

I'm free from guilt...I've been washed white by the blood of my savior.

I'm free from the threat of hell...I've been given a one-way ticket out of here and it was through no works of my own.

I'm free from the bondage of redeemer paid my debts in full.

Just like Alice was taken from the orphanage never to look back, Jesus carried me in his arms out of the only life I had ever known.  I was blank.  I was and still am a sinner.  He brought me into his world of love, compassion and grace.  I didn't ask for it.  I didn't deserve it.  I didn't work for it.  And believe me, there is not a more special-needs Christian than I am.  Yet, God adopted me into his family to share in the inheritance of Christ.  Just saying that gives me goose-bumps.

If the Lord hasn't saved you yet, call out to him.  Repent of your sins and beg for mercy.  I pray that the Lord will give you freedom, too.


  1. Beautiful and so well put! Praise God for the freedom He gives us in Christ!

  2. Though my freedom is very much appreciated .... this year my thoughts were far away to all those who do not share ANY of those freedoms you spoke of in your post... and longing to make a difference. Thanks, Grace


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